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Life Coaching, Bowen Technique for aches, pains and Sports Injuries, Nutrition & Meditation

Sports Injury & Back Pain Information

Great site to help you understand what can go wrong.

Phil Edwards Watford Physio

Specialist in Sports Injuries

The Sports Injury Clinic

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BBC Guide to knee injuries

Hamstring Problems?

How to treat hamstring problems

BBC Health & Fitness Room

See Treatment Room

Rest  Ice  Compression  Elevation

How to treat strains & sprains

Find a Physio

114 specialise in Sports Injuries in Hertfordshire

Osteopathy First

Stevenage physio. Say "referred by Herts Squash" for discount
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Get Fit this year.

It is not hard to get fit after a long layoff. Using a gym is great. But to avoid injury consider these activities: click on 101 ways to Get Fit WITHOUT USING A GYM.

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Squash Training & Psychology
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Squash Tips

  • Squash Tips from Coach Derek Thorpe

Tennis Elbow from the Sports Injury Clinic

Tennis elbow afflicts squash players, not just tennis. Take a look at these websites for the best course of action for treatment, or simply to understand your problem - knee pain, tendon problems,  or arthritis.

Note: The information provided in the above article is for general educational purposes only. It is not intended to be used as a substitute for professional medical advice.

Read BBC guide to knee injuries

Knee ligaments