Squash Coaching

Derek is available for Individual and Group Coaching at Herts University Hatfield
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  • Beginners
  • Juniors
  • League improvers
  • Team players

Need to sort out your game? Try a few lessons for technique fitness and match tactics.

Improving your squash is easy. Call to arrange a lesson. Need advice about squash equipment? Just ask. I can help you choose the best  rackets, balls & shoes. email  DerekjThorpe@hotmail.com tel. 01923-266722      or mobile 07887-560601
You may share a session with another to economise.
Read 10 Squash Tips    Q. How do I get the ball out of the back corners?

Tennis Elbow or Strained Wrist *%!!
The reason for tennis elbow/wrist is usually poor technique. Check out your racket technique and make your games less effort and more enjoyable.

Call Derek on mobile 07887-560601 to book a squash lesson
Herts County Veterans Champion 

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  • All Levels & Ages
  • Beginners - Intermediate - Advanced
  • Improve your skills & match tactics
  • Individuals & Groups
  • Non-members welcome
  • Contact Derek Thorpe by email, telephone or come along
    Friday evenings to Radlett LT& Squash Club 7:30pm onwards and introduce yourself

    Vets of GB Champion 2004
    National Inter-County Champion 2004
    British Champion 1998
    Club Champion 14 times
    County Champion 6 times
    England Team Captain
    Guinness Book of Records
     - Marathon 54.75 hours

10 Squash Tips

  1. Hit the ball to a good length
    read Anyone can Get The Short Stuff
  2. Aim the ball into the back corners.
  3. Keep the ball close to the side walls.
  4. Recover to the centre of the court.
  5. Watch the ball at all times.
  6. Make your opponent run (i.e. move your opponent around the court)
  7. Volley the ball wherever possible.
  8. Know when to delay your strokes.
  9. Change the pace of the game.
  10. Go for the short shots.
Call Derek on mobile 07887-560601 to book a squash lesson

Think Tactics An excellent guide from TheSquashPlayer

How to Win at Squash