Can I have RICE with my Injury please!!  
Well its’ that time of the year already!  Yes INJURY SEASON!  

Year after year, on more than one occasion, I have had to drive people up to A&E after an injury, which is usually more than 24 hours old!  It surprises me how few of you sports mad peeps don’t use ‘RICE’ the golden rule after any injury no matter how small!

  Rest  Ice  Compression  Elevation

  Rest immediately!  DO NOT play on after acute trauma to any injury

  Ice! Always use Ice to reduce local swelling and turn oxygenated blood away from the area (if you do not have ice available then use water from water bottle)

  Compression!  Use a Bandage or rugby/footie shirt or any piece of material to use as a ‘compression’ on top of the ice

  Elevation!  Once the above have been sorted then raise the ankle/leg/knee injury up so as this will again send the blood away from the area which will aid in reducing the swelling

  If you are in any doubt as to how serious the injury is, always use A&E. It’s only up the road, ok you may have to have a wait but its well worth it! (and saves my petrol!!!)

  Or pop into UniSPORT Sport Centre - 1st Floor and we will have a look and give you advice there and then. 

  Sports Massage and Injury Prevention

  Continual exercise can cause many problems especially if the body receives inadequate rest.  By-products of exercise include the build up of lactic acid and continual micro-trauma of muscle fibres causing a build up of scar tissue, therefore decreasing the bodies ability to deliver oxygenated blood to the muscles, which in turn causes fatigue and loss of performance.  The body is still being asked to perform at a required level, if it is not fit to do so, it will increase the risk of injury or re-injury.  Sports massage will break down any build up of scar tissue realign all muscle fibres and increase the elasticity of the muscle.  In effect the muscle will be clear of all ‘crap’ (technical term in the world of sports massage!) making the whole system more efficient.  More blood, therefore oxygen can get to the working muscle meaning it will perform for longer at a higher level and will drastically reduce the risk of injury.

If you have any enquiries to present or old injuries then please contact Rose at OPTIMUM in UniSPORT Sport Centre tel. 01483 452028 or email 

Article from: -  UniSport Guildford