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WSF approved- 1st Jan 2014

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Referees Newsletter April 2010 All the latest news from Martin Roberts Referee Development Officer, England Squash & Racketball

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What happens when a player falls over?
Do we play a let, or play on?

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Herts Qualified Referees
If you are a qualified referee from Hertfordshire and are not on this list please email squashherts@hotmail.com with your details.

Name Grade Contact
Alastair Ambrose  C  
David Sciberras C 07951-277587
Dean Clayton I  
Derek Thorpe * T derek_thorpe@hotmail.com
Jill Wood N  
Nick Ridgeway T  
Paul Allen T Instructor  
Rebecca Colthup T  

* Herts Referee Co-ordinator

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Referee Newsletter May 2009  and Official Code of Conduct 2009


Referee Workshops

Next Workshop Saturday September 19th 2009 at Coventry

Dear Referee,
If you attended the National Championships, you will already be familiar with the Referee Workshops that we ran throughout the week. All the referees involved commented very positively on the value of having workshops and that they would like to see more organised and attended by some of our senior referees. Unfortunately, we are not able to stage workshops at every event, due to the heavy match schedules involved. To try and address this problem I have recently organised a workshop for the Yorkshire County where any qualified referee may attend. This has resulted with most referees in the county wishing to attend with the addition of referees from neighbouring counties asking for details.

For your interest, the workshop details are as follows:-

Sunday 29th March 2009
Doncaster Squash Club, Townfields, Bennetthorpe, Doncaster
South Yorkshire DN2 6AA

Start time 11.00 a.m. till approx. 2.30 p.m. Senior referees will be giving instruction using recent DVD matchplay. A small contribution towards food and refreshments will be requested on the day.

I realise, of course, that the distance will prohibit many of you from attending, but I would openly invite any referee to attend should they wish to. It may be an idea for some of you to consider organising your own 'county' workshops where we may be able to provide this level of instruction through the Referee Development Unit at England Squash. If you wish to attend or want further help details in organising your own workshops, please let me know as soon as possible.

Martin Roberts, Referee Development Officer, England Squash & Racketball
Phone: 01302536202 Mobile: 07833240367

Striking the Opponent with the Ball !!

"if I hit an opponent with the ball, on its way to the front wall, is that a stroke?". I had thought that was a stroke to the person hit because of dangerous play.

Dean Clayton, International Referee clarifies the rules.

"If the ball is going direct to the front wall above the board and hits the opponent, it's a stroke to the striker unless he's turned, in which case it's a stroke to the opponent unless the opponent has deliberately moved to intercept the ball when rule A applies, or it's a second or further attempt to hit the ball when it's a let. However, if the referee considers that the striker has played a dangerous shot, for example if he has deliberately hit the opponent, a stroke may be awarded to the opponent under rule 17 (code of conduct) guideline 15, particularly if it has happened before in the match. The first time it happens, I generally award a stroke but warn the striker that it's his duty to be aware of the opponent's position and that if it happens again, I'll assume it's deliberate. Then, if it does happen again, I don't have any problems about giving a stroke to the opponent, having already given a warning, because I can then argue that it's been at best careless, at worst deliberate but certainly dangerous."

"Turning" What is the Rule?

The rule regarding turning has been changed in the 2001 rules. Turning is allowed, but now if the opponent is hit with the ball after the striker has turned the stroke is awarded to the opponent. However if the opponent makes a deliberate movement to intercept the shot then the stroke is awarded to the striker. In general if you want to turn and do not know where your opponent is, you should hold your shot and appeal for a let which should be granted. If you are sure that your shot after turning will miss your opponent then you are entitled to continue with the rally and no penalty applies. If you find that in playing your shot after turning your swing is interfered with by the opponent not moving out of the way, you can request a let for interference. The let should be granted. (with acknowledgements to SquashPlayer - Don)

Focus on the REFEREES
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World Squash RULES FAQ (frequently asked questions)


Is turning allowed?


Hitting opponent


Making Decisions



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Let, stroke or no let?"Crossing the Flight"

If Stewart Boswell (R) asks for a let as this photo is taken, the ref has to decide if Thierry Lincou (L) is in the direct path to the frontwall, if Boswell had chosen to hit the wall. If yes, it could be a stroke to Boswell. If no, it could not be any more than a let.

If Stewart Boswell (R) asks for a let at the moment this photo is taken, what is the correct call from the ref? Read the explanation

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**** Let please !!! PLAIN ENGLISH! or And the Illiterate Shall Inherit the Rules of Squash. by Rod Symington
With the last edition of the rules in 2001, the traditional four-year cycle for revising them was suspended. It was decided that any future revision would have to be more comprehensive rather than simply patching things.

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The Squash Referee CANADA **for Squash Officials

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Singles Rules as from May 1st. 2001 "Rules for fools". A summary by William Winter